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Development Programs Participate In Patriot Place Winter Classic

By @WalpoleExpress, 01/19/17, 12:00PM EST


Walpole, MA  - The Walpole Express took their Little Engines and Mite Development League talent outside for their own version of the “Winter Classic”. This was the second annual “Winter Classic” for the Walpole Express and their Developmental teams. The kids were up before the sun fully rose, in some cold temperatures, and had a lot of fun right from the start.

Each team played their regular “cross-ice” games with the infamous Pond Hockey Goals, that stand 6 inches tall and 72 inches wide. Missing the net (high) was something that happened a couple of times throughout the morning. Playing small cross-ice games, 4 on 4, is something that our organization and the USA  ADM Model like in order to develop the kids as they progress into the Mite and Squirt travel teams.

Overall the morning went extremely well and the kids had a blast, even if a hot chocolate was needed to warm up the bones.