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2019 Photo Day Information

By @WalpoleExpress, 10/16/19, 8:00PM EDT



Thursday, November 21st from 6:30-7:30pm will be make-up photos. Anyone that missed the original scheduled photo day, or requires reshoots, may stop by Rodman Arena.

Photo day dates and times have been set. Please note that we know not everyone scheduled for 4:30pm will be able to make it on time and will be arriving closer to 5pm. This could delay practice by a few minutes, so if at all possible please arrive at 4:30pm to help ease the lines. Practice is still scheduled for your regular time, so if we can get as many photos done prior to ice time it would be extremely helpful. Please do not take your own photos with your phone as the flash can throw off the professional photo. Everyone is required to show up in uniform for the mandatory team photo.

Please have the player arrive already in their FULL RED UNIFORM and ready to go (skates, stick, and gloves included). Helmets will not be worn in photos, but may be held for individual photos. Individual photos will be taken at the back end of the locker room hallways, followed by the team photo on the ice just before practice begins. Practice will begin immediately following the team photo.

To avoid congestion and practice delays, players will wear their game uniforms for practice and will not be permitted to change after the team photo.

Photos will once again be taken by Flash Powder Photo, as they have been for the past 9 years. You will not be disappointed. 

Monday, November 4th

  • 4:30pm: Mite Elite (Kelleher), 11 BHL Premier (Dalton)
  • 4:40pm: 09 PHL Elite (Craig), 10 BHL Premier (Heavey)
  • 5:30pm: 09 BHL Premier (Verderber), 08 PHL Elite (Brightbill)
  • 5:40pm: 07 BHL Premier (Wedge), 07 PHL Premier (Roof)
  • 6:30pm: VHL Bantam (Terpstra)
  • 6:40pm: 06 PHL Premier (Webb), 05 PHL Premier (Grzeskowiak)
  • 7:30pm: 05 PHL Elite (Terpstra)
  • 7:40pm: 05 BHL Premier (Curran), 06 BHL Premier (Brightbill)

Thursday, November 7th

  • 5:30pm: Mite Development Program
  • 6:30pm: 08 BHL Premier (Ladd), 07 EMHL (Lemieux)

Thank you and if you have any questions let us know.

How It Works

To order photos just text WXP19 to 90738 and you’ll receive an alert when the photos are ready, or you can visit and enter the code following picture day.

All purchases will be mailed directly to you.

Watch the video below for a visual on how to place your order.