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Junior Women's Hockey

2020-21 Season

The Walpole Express Women's Junior Hockey Club was started in 2014 by Rob Barletta. The program was inaugurated to provide ambitious hockey players from across the country, a team to develop into successful scholar athletes in college.

The Express Women's team develops female players via exceptional coaching, well-designed practices and competitive situations while providing opportunities for players to advance their hockey careers to the collegiate level. We promote good sportsmanship and teamwork, and help instill responsibility in the participating players, who will be held to high standards on the ice and in the classroom.

The Express program feels that academic excellence is something for which every one of its players should strive for and commitment, dedication, enthusiasm as well as perseverance on and off the ice are the keys to opening the doors to opportunity! Our intentions are to mold the complete player, a highly educated, motivated young man with class and integrity.

Our Organizational goals are:

  1. To encourage and assist our players to continue their education, during and after their careers with the Walpole Express
  2. To provide quality coaching and instruction in hockey, nutrition, fitness, strength and mental conditioning
  3. To advise and assist in the college admissions process
  4. To increase our players’ visibility by showcasing their hockey talents for college coaches
  5. To develop the players’ work ethic via comprehensive training and practice regiments
  6. To hone our players’ skills by providing the opportunity to play in a highly competitive environment
  7. To maintain our players’ amateur status as defined by the NCAA standards
  8. To provide the guidance necessary for our players to mature socially and emotionally
  9. The Walpole Express lead young adults by helping them see that effort they bring to their team, their schooling and their community will afford them lessons that extend beyond the end the game.
  • One of 19 USA Hockey Model Programs in the country and the only one in New England
  • Previously Named Mass Hockey Program of the Year
  • Paid Full Time Professional Coaches
  • Paid Professional Goalie Director
  • Independent Schedule vs other U19 Select Teams
  • Games against some of the top New England Prep Schools such as Rivers School, Lawrence Academy, and Cushing Academy
  • Games vs College Club and Division 3 Varsity Teams such as Suffolk and UMass Amherst
  • National Girls Hockey League Showcase Season consisting of 5 showcases around the country vs top national talent from the East Coast and Mid-West
  • Championship event in St Louis
  • 4 Practices per Week
  • 2 Off-Ice Sessions per week with Powerplay Strength & Conditioning (located in rink)
  • Placement into NCAA DI & DIII College Hockey
  • 30+ College Placements in since inauguration
  • Private Team Locker Room
  • Team Bonding Activities
  • Job Opportunities for players with RB Hockey School

Please Note:
USA Hockey Registration for the 2020-21 season will open on April 1st, 2020. Please be sure to register prior to tryouts.