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2018-19 Youth Girls TRyouts

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At the Walpole Express, we are focused on developing a well-rounded, happy student-athlete. The objective of our programs is to develop each of our players by giving them the tools to succeed. For the 2018-19 season, we will host girls teams at the U14 and U16/19 levels. Our U14 program turns our focus to preparing the players for high school hockey. For our U16/U19 program, we strive to continue to develop our players while preparing them for the high school season, and opportunities to play for junior or college teams.
  • One of 19 USA Hockey Model Programs in the country and the only one in New England
  • Mass Hockey 2013-14 Program of the Year
  • Weekly Professional Skills Sessions by RB Hockey
  • Weekly Dryland Training Provided by RB Hockey
  • Director & Skills Coach Danielle Doherty (Jr Team Head Coach and BC Alum)
  • Paid Full Time Hockey Director
  • Paid Professional Coaches
  • Paid Professional Goalie Director Ed Kesell featuring 1 skills and 1 practice per week
  • Teams play in the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girl's Hockey League
  • Up to Two Games each weekend
  • 2 practices per week
  • Set Schedules
  • Mandatory Pre-Season Conditioning Clinic ($250)


Common Questions

Where do tryouts take place?
Tryouts take place at our home rink, Rodman Arena, in Walpole, MA. For directions to Rodman Arena, Click Here.

Where do the teams play?
Our U14 teams compete in the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girl’s Hockey League (MYCGL). These teams will play approximately 20 league games per season against surrounding towns.

Our U16/19 teams compete in a half-season format of the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girl’s Hockey League (MYCGL). Featuring teams from surrounding towns, our teams play approximately 10 league games per season.

All other age groups where teams are not offered may tryout with our youth boys program. These teams play in the E9/BHL and PHL. For more information, click here.

What if my child is new to the game of hockey?
We will continue to offer our popular Mite Development League, as well as our Learn To Play Hockey (Little Engines) league. We also offer a Learn To Skate for Hockey program. For more information on Little Engines or Learn To Skate, click here. To register for our Mite Development League, click here.

I have a Mite age player, should I sign up for the Mite Development League?
If this is your player’s first year of organized hockey, we suggest that you sign up for the Mite Development League. There is no tryout process for MDL. If you would like your player to be considered for a more advanced level, you may sign them up for our youth mite tryouts. At the tryouts we will be evaluating players for the Express Mite League as well as our regular season travel team.

What programs are available to my high school age player?
We will be offering half-season U16/19 travel teams.

What if my player is stronger than many players at their current age group?
All players must tryout at their proper age group and will be moved according to level of play during and after tryouts.

What if my player is much smaller than players in their current age group?
Please contact the director and we will consider placing the player where we feel she will have the most success during tryouts.

Why is the Conditioning Camp mandatory?
The Conditioning Camp was implemented to ensure our players are prepared for next season. As we evolve into a Club program we have to make sure our players are prepared to compete. We feel that getting the kid together for a week of skills and training will better serve them and the coaches for preparation for the season. We will be putting our top coaches with the players during this camp.

When is the mandatory Conditioning Camp offered?
The girls Conditioning Camp will be August 13th-16th (Mon-Thurs). You can attend the 9am-12pm session or the 12pm-3pm session.

Who are the Express Coaches?
All Express coaches are paid professional coaches who are trained accordingly. Each coach completes training with owner Rob Barletta, Director Todd Stirling, and Skills Coach Jon Lounsbury prior to coaching with the Express. There are also guidelines that each coach must follow through out the season to fully develop each player on their team. Coaches are monitored through out the season on a weekly basis. To see coach bios, click here.

Who runs the weekly skill sessions?
Rob Barletta's hockey school will be running the skill sessions for all Express players. Each week our coaches will work to sharpen the individual's talents and skills. All drills are done at full speed with the coaches pushing each player to their full potential. Areas to be covered are forward and backward skating, shooting, pivoting, crossovers, stops, starts and fundamentals. You can check out RB Hockey’s website at www.rbhockey.com.

Who runs the weekly dryland sessions?
For the 2018-19 season, our dryland program has taken a major leap forward and will run out of Powerplay Strength & Conditioning, our new gym within Rodman Arena. Led by director Michelle Lounsbury, players will be put through drills to improve their agility, balance, coordination, and strength to help supplement their on ice training. Learn more about PowerPlay SC at powerplaysc.com.

Do goalies receive specialized training?
Yes. Goalies are a unique position in the game that require special training. Express goalies get a weekly skill session with our goaltending coach, Ed Kesell. Coach Kesell with be attending a weekly practice for all teams. You can check out the website at www.ngdgoalies.com.


The Tryout Process

Tryouts for any sport can be stressful for both parents and players. After all, you child is being judged and rated, right? Wrong. That's not the purpose of our tryouts. The purpose of our tryouts is to find the right team for your child so they can have the best possible hockey experience. We do not measure the success of our season based on wins and losses; but by how happy our players are, how much they have developed as athletes and hockey players and whether they want to come back and play for us next year.

So please relax and have fun, and encourage your child to do the same.

Format and Schedule
Each player will attend 2 tryouts. Players are divided into two groups and we play a full-ice scrimmage. We will email you with your players group assignment a week prior. You can see the dates and times below.

Goalies will attend their age group tryouts.

Following tryouts, we will contact you by email and offer you a position on one of our teams. We ask that you register your child online and pay the deposit (or let us know you will not be taking the spot) within 24 hours of being notified.

How many teams?
Every year at tryouts parents ask: how many teams will you have at each level? The answer is: as many as we need. Because our owner also owns the rink, we have tremendous flexibility with our ice schedule. This is a benefit many organizations do not enjoy, and so they are limited to a fixed number of teams. Depending on how many players attend tryouts, we could have as few as one or as many as four teams per age level.

Are tryouts the only thing considered in team selection?
For returning Walpole Express players, we absolutely include the advice of your coaches in making decisions on where to place your child. Your coaches have seen your players all year long. They have a much better idea of your player's skill level than someone who only sees them in two tryouts. For new players who have not played on Walpole Express teams in the past, clearly tryouts is all we have to go on. But for returning players, your coaches will have significant input into the process.

Some teams will bring in independent evaluators to pick teams based soley on tryout metrics. We don't agree with this philosophy. To find the right place for each player, we need to understand that player as best we can, and consider all inputs. Certainly your coach's input is valuable in that process.

Final Notes
At the Walpole Express, every player on every team is equally important. We do not favor our "A" teams over our other teams. We do not favor full-time players over alternates or practice players. Every player is an equal member of the team, and every team is equally important. Tryouts should not be stressful, they should be fun. Whatever the result, your player will be placed on a team that is a good fit based on ability and experience. And your player will have a fun and successful season. That is our goal above all: for our girls to be happy, be confident and have a fantastic time at the rink.

If you have any questions whatsoever about this process, please feel free to contact us.



Dates & Times

All registered players will receive an email confirming which tryout group they are in. All players must attend both assigned tryouts.
Tryout groups cannot be changed.

Fri, April 13th
#1 of 2
Sat, April 14th
#2 of 2
Fri, April 13th
#1 of 2
Sat, April 14th
#2 of 2

Dates & Times Subject to Change




GOALIES Free  •  All Others $95